These general conditions govern all sales relationships between the parts.


    Acceptance by the purchaser of the offer or confirmation of the order by Lab Vivendi S.r.l. involves the application of these General Terms of Sale.


    The prices of the products refer to the price list in force at the time of acceptance of the sale offer by the purchaser or to the confirmation of the order by Lab Vivendi S.r.l.. Prices are intended ex-laboratory and VAT excluded. Prices do not include loading, unloading and transportation costs from the Laboratory to the Purchaser. Prices expressed in currencies other than euro may vary according to the fluctuation of the relative exchange rate..

    The delivery is also valid, if carried out personally, by a shipper, carrier and carrier. Unless otherwise agreed, the sale means Ex Works and therefore the risks related to the sale passes to the Purchaser at the time of delivery of the goods to the latter or to the Carrier / Forwarder / Transporter. If an order includes several models, it is Lab Vivendi S.r.l.’s choice to arrange partial shipments. The delivery terms are only aproximate and therefore Lab Vivendi S.r.l. does not accept any liability in case of anticipated or delayed, total or partial, delivery. The recipient / buyer must immediately check the products at the time of delivery for any defects in the order and integrity of the packages. Every defect / anomaly / non-correspondence must be indicated and reported in the packing slip. The repair / replacement of deteriorated products as a result of the transport will take place only if a photocopy of the note where the above annotations have been made is attached. The aforementioned annotations must coincide with the annotations contained in the copy of the bubble retained by the carrier / carrier. The choice between repair or replacement will be made following technical evaluations on the product by Lab Vivendi S.r.l..


    The payments of each sum due to Lab Vivendi S.r.l. must be carried out in compliance with what is indicated in the sale offer or in the order confirmation and at the domicile of the same. Failure to pay the lead time date will result in bank charges and interest being charged at 5% above the official discount rate. Any delay or irregularity in payments attributes to Lab Vivendi S.r.l. the right to suspend supplies in progress. The products ordered, delivered or not, remain the property of Lab Vivendi S.r.l. until the moment of the total payment of the same.


    Complaints regarding missing, non-compliant products or in presence of hidden defects must be forwarded to Lab Vivendi S.r.l. in writing by registered letter no later than 8 (eight) days from delivery or, in case of hidden defects, from the finding of the defect. Failure to report within 8 (eight) days constitutes tacit acceptance of the goods and their qualities by the customer.

    After the confirmation has been communicated, the order cannot be canceled by the Customer without the written authorization of Lab Vivendi S.r.l.


    The products cannot be returned without prior written authorization from Lab Vivendi S.r.l. Authorized returns will be processed according to the shipping procedures of Lab Vivendi S.r.l. and, in any case, free of any expense and only addressed to the laboratory located in Reggio Emilia, Via Monari, 13. In case of reported and found defects Lab Vivendi S.r.l. may, based on the technical considerations of the individual case, proceed with the repair or the replacement of the product.


    Lab Vivendi S.r.l. reserves the right to make changes to parts and details deemed convenient and convenient for reasons of production and / or commercial nature, without prior notice.


    For any controversy, for interpretation, execution of the contract of sale, or inherent and consequent to the same, the Court of Reggio Emilia is exclusively competent


    The customer pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles. 1341 and 1342 c.c. in case of acceptance of the order and conclusion of the contract, declares as of now to specifically expressly and irrevocably approve the clauses of the aforementioned general conditions and in particular those indicated in art. 2 (contract formation) - 3 (prices) 4 (delivery) 5 (payments) 6 (complaints) 7 (cancellations) 8 (refunds) 9 (validity) 10 (jurisdiction)